Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Doesn’t the woman who taught you how to tie your shoes, taxied you to and from all sorts of activities and not only kissed your boo-boos, but helped you get over that silly boy who didn’t like you back deserve something special?

Here are some ideas to help express how much she means to you!

1.     A Playdate for the Two of You-make a plan for you and mom to do something special.  Whether it’s a trip to a local art gallery or side by side pedicures, she’ll be thrilled to spend time with you.  Plus, she gets to tell all her girlfriends about the fun you had together.

2.     Homemade Items-there’s a reason why mom treasured all those gifts you made as a kid…YOU made them.  Whether your talents tend toward the artistic, musical or culinary, she’ll appreciate that you took the time to make something ESPECIALLY for her.

3.     Heartfelt words-all too often, we forget to appreciate the people who mean the most to us.  Write mom a letter letting her know why you’re grateful for her…make a top 10 list of her best qualities…team up with your siblings & “enhance” a deck of playing cards to create “52 Reasons We Love Mom.”

4.    Walk down memory lane-your mom was there on your first day of kindergarten, cheered for you at every swim meet and even helped you move into your first apartment.  Use Google Earth to grab shots of these milestone places or utilize some new functionality that allows you to view how your neighborhood and other favorite places have changed over time.

5.     Help her indulge one of her favorite hobbies from when you were growing up-chances are she has lots more time to enjoy it without any kids around!  If she used to love ceramics, get her a gift certificate to a local studio.  If she always dreamed of being a back-up singer, how about some voice lessons?

6.    Celebrate the things that make your family unique-every family has its own quirks and inside jokes that can be used as a starting point for a gift.  If your mom always reminded you to eat your vegetables, perhaps some packets of vegetable seeds and a pretty planter.  If your mom always loses her car keys (that would be my mom), perhaps a giant key ring or a maybe a wireless tag to attach to her keys so she never misplaces them again.

7.     Leverage the creativity of your kids-have your kids make a special gift or card and include a note that says, “Mom, a piece of art from my works of art.  Thank you for making this possible!” or something equally mushy.

8.    Say thank you for the little things-a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant along with a note reading, “Thanks Mom for making me 2,808 delicious meals.  Please take the night off.”   Never mind the loads of laundry, essays proofread, car pools driven…

9.    Tiara Time-Dr. Sara Gottfried, New York times best-selling author and an amazing integrative gynecologist who helps women feel their best, prescribes “tiara time” for her patients. Basically, when mom is wearing the tiara, she is in a self-imposed timeout and children or husbands should not bother her.  Whether encrusted in sequins or diamonds, I’m sure mom will appreciate a way to carve out a bit more time for herself.

10. Update a favorite family photo-remember those cheesy family photos where mom dressed everyone in coordinated outfits?  Get your siblings together and update the photo as closely as possible—same seating arrangement, same color shirts—and let her know how far you’ve come!  Even though Mom always said, it doesn’t matter what anyone else does, all that matters is what you do…check out how much more awkward your family photo could be!  

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