Top 10 July 4th Hostess Gifts

Though it’s technically America’s birthday, it’s far more likely that you’ll find yourself needing a hostess gift.  Whether you’re headed to a BBQ, a picnic or the neighbors down the street, here are some ideas to brighten someone’s holiday:

1.  I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  Ben & Jerry’s has just the flavor for the occasion.  Tie an ice cream scoop to a pint or two of the Americone Dream ice cream.



2.  Be a memorable party guest by showing up with this  red white & blue flamingo from American Sparkle. If you don’t feel like ordering one, grab any (decorative!) flamingo & some paint and be creative!


red white blue flamingo







3.  If you’re headed to the lake with a long, lazy weekend ahead of you, a patriotic puzzle makes a fun and entertaining gift.  (And yes, with Amazon Prime you can have it in time for the holiday!)

usa puzzle






4.  Go retro & bring a basket of S’mores fixins’.  Tuck a bag of marshmallows, some Hershey’s bars & graham crackers into a basket and you’re done.  







5.  If you’re headed to a kid-friendly party, be the coolest adult around by showing up with a basket of glowstick jewelry.

glowstick bracelets






6.  Make it a starry night for sure by bringing a bottle of vodka, some tonic & blueberries and strawberries.   Another variation is to put the berries in a large mason jar, forgo the tonic and include a recipe for infused vodka.


7.  Help their fingers & toes celebrate by bringing red, white & blue nailpolish.

rwb nailpolish






8.  Make Rice Krispie treats and layer them in red, white & blue.  (Food dyes don’t count if it’s a holiday!)  [Photo courtesy of]







9.  Help brighten their day with red, white & blue for the weeks ahead by bringing a blue hydrangea with a red & white bow.

blue hydrangea






10. Bake up a batch ostar-shaped sugar cookies decorated with red, white & blue.  I love the no-spread recipe from Fancy Flours because the cookies really do hold their shape while in the oven.  If baking isn’t in the cards, a roll of refrigerated sugar cookie dough works. 

sugar cookies stars





Happy Fourth of July!


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