The Cutest Thank You I Ever Received: T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!

I just received what may be the cutest thank you note EVER.  The worst part?  I almost didn’t realize it.

I had sent a box of clothes my daughter had outgrown to a friend whose children were a similar size.  I don’t usually send hand me downs in the mail, but most of the items were gently worn at best.  Some of the dresses even had the tags on!  (Sometime over the past two years my daughter decided she would only wear baggy t-shirts and shorts.  Sigh.)

I received a thank you in the mail and thought, “How nice of them to send a card.”  As I opened the card, nine pictures fell out.  Actual, printed-on-photo-paper-at-a-processing center, pictures!  I looked at the photos and smiled as I saw two lovely little girls being super silly. 

As I was looking at each one, it was fun to see the girls wearing different items from the box of clothes I had sent. On the back of each picture, a single letter was written:  T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U-!  I was delighted to see the clothes being put to wonderful use and really appreciated that they had taken the time to send such a thoughtful thank you.

The pictures were sitting on the counter for a few days and I happened to flip through them again.  One picture in particular caught my eye—I marveled at how the young lady had done a headstand on the couch.  I was trying to figure out why her sister was sitting in front of her.

FINALLY, the light bulb went on.  Not only were the girls wearing a different outfit in each picture, not only was each fun pose unique, but…and here’s where I was painfully slow on the uptake…their BODIES were posed in a different letter of “thank you!”  WOW!

Can't you just hear the squeals and giggles as they tried to figure out which way to move their arms and legs to make each letter?   I can imagine them flinging off one outfit and racing for the next…just like a real fashion show.  Clearly my friend is a much better person than I am, because had I come up with this cool idea, I would have gone with T-H-A-N-K-S!  🙂

The part that I love the most is that the kids were intimately involved in saying thank you and looked like they were having a blast in the process.  I’m tremendously grateful to my friend for sharing such a wonderfully fun, creative, personal way to say thank you.

I can’t wait until my daughter outgrows some more clothes!

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