Thanksgiving Math: Apple Pie is the New Common Core Curriculum

Years ago, a friend’s son said that he “absolutely, positively, always and forever” hated math.  It was a struggle each and every night to get him to do his math homework and by the time he got to fractions, he was nearly in tears. A few months after our conversation, my friend went to visit […]

Thanksgiving Dinner: Music to Eat By

No matter how many times I entertain, no matter how much time I’ve spent preparing  food and drinks,  I always wish I had an extra hour or two before my guests arrive.  Always! One of the things I tend to leave until the last minute is the music, which is just plain silly:  music can […]

A New Tradition for YOU: StoryCorps’ Great Thanksgiving Listen

Chocolate turkeys and scratch-off lottery tickets. That’s how you knew it was Thanksgiving in my family. A Russell Stover chocolate turkey stood proudly at each place setting, and under each dinner plate, my Auntie had hidden a lottery ticket. Each year we completely forget about the lottery tickets—my family is full of good eaters!—until my […]

Best Hostess Gifts this Thanksgiving

Picture this:  you wake up late on Thanksgiving morning and the first thing you are grateful for is that you have received an invitation to dinner and don’t have to peel a single potato.  You decide to turn on some of the parade before catching the football game.  Your biggest concern?  Making sure to eat […]