Sweet Words Make Easy Valentine’s Day Gifts

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”      -Rudyard Kipling   If words are the most powerful drug, then Valentine’s Day is the holiday that knocks us out. Sure, Christmas is the biggest holiday and Halloween and Easter top the list for candy sales.  But you’d be hard-pressed to find another […]

Do This NOW to Rock Valentine’s Day

Last night, I was out with friends and one of the guys was going on and on about how busy he was. He opened up the calendar on his phone, and started rattling off upcoming events: “Speech in LA” [swipe]; “Board meeting in San Diego” [swipe]; “Press conference for a joint venture launch”… On and on […]

The Spirit of Christmas: Say Thank You

At lunch yesterday, our waitress and I were talking.  She said while she always appreciates a good tip, it’s even more meaningful when someone takes the time to write “Thank you” on the receipt.  She said it makes her feel great because the person took the time to let her know her service mattered.  She […]

How to Easily Find Great Holiday Gifts

How to Easily Find Great Holiday Gifts: GUARANTEED

Whatever you are doing when you read this, I can pretty much guarantee my 12-year old daughter would like to trade places with you.   Though you may be stuck in traffic or wading through an overstuffed inbox, she is Getting Braces right now.  She’s been dreading this day since she lost her last baby tooth […]

Best Hostess Gifts this Thanksgiving

Picture this:  you wake up late on Thanksgiving morning and the first thing you are grateful for is that you have received an invitation to dinner and don’t have to peel a single potato.  You decide to turn on some of the parade before catching the football game.  Your biggest concern?  Making sure to eat […]

Transform a Gift Card into a Fun Gift: So Easy, Even a Kid Can Do It

Are your kids at an age where all they want is gift cards?  My 14-year old son and his friends certainly are! To help make the gift a little more personal and the presentation a lot more fun, find out something the recipient likes (I’ve found texting the mom is the easiest way) and incorporate […]

Get Your Gift Today

What do you get when you combine a love of Christmas and a love of gifts? Why none other than my holiday e-book, Wrap with Love:  Holiday Gift Giving with Less Stress and More Joy.    My goal with this ebook was to help others find more joy in holiday gift giving and remove as much […]

A Luscious Gift Perfect for Any Occasion: Homemade Caramel Sauce

Homemade caramel sauce, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love you because you are the perfect gift for any occasion and pretty much anyone on my list. I love you because you are decadent and luscious and a delicious splurge that is worth every single calorie. I love you because […]

Get Your Geek On! Celebrate a Once in a Lifetime Pi Day, 3/14/15

This Saturday, March 14th, is no ordinary Pi Day. It is The Big One. The Ultimate. The one mathematicians the world over have been waiting for because it only happens ONCE in a lifetime!  (Unless, as my ten-year-old daughter points out, you live past 100.) MATH CLASS WAS A WHILE AGO. REMIND ME WHAT PI […]

Gotta Get a Gift? Holiday Ideas You Can Put into Action Now

My daughter sat down at breakfast this morning and announced, “FINALLY! I can start counting the days until Christmas using my fingers.” Sure, if you’re a ten-year-old waiting for Santa come, this news IS very exciting. If, however, you are someone who has yet to decorate the tree, bake the cookies and select holiday gifts…panic […]