Impress Your Peeps with Easter Trivia

I love Easter and I love trivia, which of course means I am a sucker for Easter trivia! If you’ve ever gone to the candy aisle, ready to pluck a package of Peeps from the shelf, only to pause as you wondered, “Bunny Peeps?…or Chick Peeps?”, read on.  You might just find some tidbits you […]

Easter Baskets 101 and Theme Baskets

When I was a kid, an Easter basket was pretty simple:  a chocolate bunny and some jelly beans. With great fanfare, we would break off the bunny ears first and scarf up the black jelly beans.  Ah, life was simple back then! Nowadays, the sky’s the limit and you can pretty much put anything in […]

Egg-stra Special Easter Gift Ideas

Other than children hoping the Easter Bunny remembered them, few people regard Easter as a big gift-giving holiday. This is part of the reason why I love Easter…there’s no expectation that you HAVE to get a gift for someone; you get something for someone only if you WANT to. As such it’s hard to mess […]

An Easter Dessert for Your Peeps

Who doesn’t love their name in lights…or in this case, brownies! I love personalizing things because people genuinely seem delighted to see their name somewhere unexpected.  Very often the person will say something like, “Ooh!  Is that for me?”  Of course it is! Have you ever seen those plastic license plates that kids attach to […]

Easter Traditions: Green Beans and Jelly Beans

Easter 1991 was the worst Easter of my life.  It was also what I like to think of as my first grown-up holiday on my own. I had my first real job and I was living in my very own apartment.  Though I had made the eight-hour drive home to see my family at Thanksgiving […]