March Comes in Like a Lion…and Means Lots of College Basketball

It’s hard to believe it’s March 1st already!  When I was in grade school, this day always meant construction paper lions, lambs and a whole lot of cotton balls dripping with Elmer’s glue.

My ten-year old daughter, who always likes to get to the bottom of things, wanted to know WHY we say “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.”  I fumbled for an answer and, like any respectable parent who has no clue, turned to Google for some help!

It turns out that the first instances of the phrase started appearing in the 17th century, though many believe the proverb was used in conversation much earlier.  Multiple explanations exist for the phrase:

  • Weather-The start of March is usually much colder than the end
  • Stars-The beginning of March finds the constellation Leo the Lion on the horizon at sunset; the end of the of the month finds Aries the Ram on the horizon
  • The Bible-Jesus first appears as a sacrificial lamb, but returns as the Lion of Judah

Fingers crossed, warm weather arrives soon—especially for those nice folks in Boston who usually get 27.4” of snow and have already had 78.5”…and the forecast is calling for more!

For those who haven’t yet turned the calendar to March, you might be interested to know that Friday, March 20th, is the first day of Spring this year.  Equally important for college basketball fans who can’t wait to fill out their brackets, Selection Sunday is March 15th and the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament is March 17-18.  Go Duke!

march in like a lion




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