Make Your Teen Feel Special: High School Survival Basket

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Do you remember how excited you were to start high school?  The thrill of having your very own locker!  Choosing your electives!   Finding out the name of the cute boy who sat behind you in English class (in my case, his name was Richie Levy).


I was reminded of those days when my friend, Casey Kashyup, sent me some pictures of a “High School Survival” gift basket that she put together for a friend’s daughter.  The young lady, Emma, is so crazy excited about FINALLY becoming a freshman that it “just bubbles up out of her.”  Casey wanted to share in that excitement and celebrate the milestone of a sweet girl she’s watched mature into a lovely young woman.


hs survival 2


I loved the assortment of goodies and the individual notes conveying advice for high school.  The basket included a locker mirror (“The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile”); a giant clothespin for papers (“Always keep it together”); Mentos (“Encourag-mints”); stylish erasers (“To remind you that mistakes can be fixed”); a candle (“To remind you to shine”); Swedish Fish (“You are o-fish-ally in high school.”) and my favorite item, an empty picture frame (“Make new friends. Display here.”)


hs survival 1


Casey downplayed the creativity of this gift.  Her exact line was, “I borrowed the ideas from various places.”  PUH LEEZ!  It’s one thing to see a good idea, it’s another to be inspired enough to go act upon it.


I know Emma is going to be delighted to receive it.   An unexpected gift is always lovely, but an unexpected gift from an adult outside the family?  Even more special!  All of the items may not last through high school, but I’m quite sure the memory of Casey’s thoughtfulness and words of wisdom will long be remembered.


hs survival 3

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