The Four Easy Steps to an Awesome Mother’s Day Gift

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Mom!  The woman to whom you so owe so much…who you have known your whole entire life…who you have absolutely NO idea what to get for Mother’s Day!

Never fear, help is here!   🙂

If you want a Mother’s Day gift that will really make her smile, you can accomplish that in four easy steps.

1.  Sentiment-if the gift could speak, what would it say?
For a Mother’s Day gift, it might say, “I’m glad you’re my mom”; “Thanks for always being there for me!”; or maybe it might even say, “I love you, even though we don’t always get along.” Whatever you want the gift to communicate can provide great inspiration for a gift idea.

 2. Gift-what is something she would like?
Using the sentiment you identified, try to recall if she has expressed interest in a particular item (“I could really use a new watch…). If she has, by all means, get that item for her—you know she will like it!
If she hasn’t given you any specific ideas, think about whether a thing or an experience would be more satisfying to her.   If it’s a thing, consider favorite hobbies, things she’s admired or expressed an interest in for potential gift ideas. Gifting an experience can be special because there’s the anticipation leading up to the event, and the event itself. If the gift is a shared experience for the two of you, even better.

 3. Memorable-is there a way you can make the gift more memorable?
The memory of a special gift lives on long after the wrapping paper is thrown away. You can make a gift more memorable through wrapping, a charming card, including a favorite photo… It doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time—just let your creative juices flow and have some fun.

 4.  Connection-how can the gift connect you and the recipient?
For me, this is the MOST IMPORTANT step to make a gift feel super special. By using the gift to connect you and the recipient, you are deepening the shared relationship. This is the step that makes the gift unique because when you add this “touch,” it reinforces that this particular gift could only have come from YOU.

To show you how simple it is, let’s say your mom is the type who’s always in the kitchen, busy preparing meals and taking care of other people. The sentiment for your Mother’s Day gift might be “You deserve a break Mom!” You might decide to gift a P.F. Chang’s gift card because she went there once a while back and told you how much she enjoyed it. To make the gift more memorable, you could wrap the gift card in a take-out box filled with uncooked rice and tie some chopsticks to the top. Now to make it extra special, go that extra step and make a connection by printing out the menu (easily found online!) and circling a dish you think she might enjoy and expressing WHY you think she would enjoy it.

BOOM! Suddenly that very ordinary gift card that you might have just enclosed in a greeting card has become a fun and memorable gift that not only reminds your mom how much you love a dish she makes, but it also lets her know you recognize all she does. What mom wouldn’t love that?

By taking a few extra minutes to make your gift memorable and reinforce a shared connection, you’re guaranteed to make Mom’s heart smile!

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