Gift for a Naturalized Citizen: Red, White & Blue Scrabble

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“I’m throwing myself a party to celebrate becoming a citizen of the United States,” read the invite from my friend Jenn.


My kids had tons of questions.  “Why did she become a citizen?” “Why now?” “How long did it take?” “Will she get a new passport?”  “Where was she from originally?”   (While I was hoping for a patriotic story to report back to my children, it turns out the truth lay in the intricacies of inheritance taxes.)


I had never been to a citizenship party and was at a total loss as to what to give for a gift.  While something red, white and blue made sense, becoming a citizen doesn’t mean you suddenly have additional needs (a musket or bayonet are so out of fashion!).


When I’m stuck and don’t know what to do for a gift, I think about the connection I have to the individual: where we met, what we both enjoy, something we do together.   In the case of Jenn, we both share a love of word games and have played countless Words with Friends games…which is how I ended up making a “patriotic” Scrabble set.

jenn board with tiles wm

I started with a basic Scrabble set and several packages of stickers that were USA-oriented:  stars, states, flags, historic images.  Assembly was easy:  I just stuck the stickers everywhere—front and back of the board; letter tiles; letter trays; game box. (Though I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this, applying all those stickers took a strangely long time!)  I also made a card using some heavy glitter cloth, a flag sticker and a few red, white & blue paperclips…which really “popped” against the blue and white striped wrapping paper and the red bow.

jenn back of board wm

jenn stars on letter tiles wm


jenn scrabble gift wrapped wm

jen card wmjen card take 2 wm

Welcome to America Jenn!  We’re glad you’re now a citizen of the land of the free and the home of the brave…never mind, the birthplace of Scrabble!

jen and lisa at party no bra‚Äč

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