Valentine’s Day: Heartburn or Heartfelt?

It’s February 1st, which in my book, means it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. As much as I love the holidays, it’s not much fun anticipating the next one until I’ve wrapped up the previous one…which is another way to say, that by January 31st, I’ve finally managed to put away all the […]

A Sporting Idea for Both of You

What if you could use Super Bowl Sunday to guarantee you & your sweetie had a fabulous Valentine’s Day? Play this quick & easy version of a Fantasy Football pool… 1. Let your sweetie know you’d like to take a fun & easy approach to Valentine’s Day this year. 2. You and your sweetie EACH […]

Quick & Easy Valentine’s Gift: Special Words for Your Sweetie

Looking for a quick, easy, personalized gift for Valentines Day? How about a word cloud especially for your sweetie! You could use a favorite poem or the lyrics to a favorite song or the many ways you'd like to, ahem, celebrate on Valentines Day…You can print it on a sheet of paper, have it printed […]