TOP 10 Graduation Gift Ideas

Though graduates come in all shapes & sizes, they all share one thing in common:  they are about to begin the next chapter of their life. Yes, you could just get a card, throw some cash in and call it done.  But think how much more special the gift could be if you add a bit of […]

Graduations: Bookmarks in the Stories of Our Lives

A friend’s daughter is graduating from 8th grade next week.  As I asked her details about the event, she quickly corrected me and said, “It’s not graduation.  It’s promotion.” [Promotion?!  How could someone who has never even had a job be ‘promoted’?] She told me her mani/pedi plans, proudly showed me the dress she felt like a princess […]

A Fun and Fruity Idea to Make Your Celebration More Special

I love those moments when you can take something ordinary and turn it into something special.  I think of these gestures as “little touches”—those moments when you do something extra that makes people smile.   Sometimes I know the “little touches” I want to add;  other times, it’s only when I’m in the midst of doing […]