Great Birthday Gift Idea for a Special Person turning 40

I love gifts that keep on giving.  You don’t just get a megadose of happy, you get lots and lots of doses of happy spread out over time.  It’s kind of like the difference between getting a beautiful delivery of flowers vs. getting beautiful flowers every month for six months.   Be Creative With Their […]

I Smell Presents! Why Birthday Traditions Matter More than Ever

Like many traditions, I don’t remember when this one started. It was at least 10 years ago, though it could have been longer. I have a foggy memory of wanting to slow down the unwrapping of birthday gifts to make the sensation last a little bit longer, though maybe it was because my kids had […]

Birthday Countdown: A Quick, Easy and Creative Approach to Gifts

My nephew is turning 11 soon, which if you believe in numerology is a “master birthday” (same digit repeated, so next up would be 22, then 33…) When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he told me there was a mobile charger he was hoping for so he could charge his gaming […]

A Birthday Gift for a Fifty Year Old who “Needs” Nothing

A good friend reached the half-century milestone recently and the invitation said, “No gifts necessary, though alcohol is always appreciated.”  Since I’m a firm believer in getting the person what they ask for, the gift was obvious—alcohol! The Birthday Boy Man’s drink of choice was vodka, so I put together a gift basket filled with […]

Birthdays Rock! Cakes, Snakes and More

Yesterday was my birthday and I’m happy to report it was a great day! I always make a list of what I appreciated about my birthday as a way to remind myself of the many things to be grateful for.   Here are this year’s reasons why I think birthdays ROCK:   1.  I woke up excited for […]

Great Gift Giving Begins in Middle School

I was dropping my sixth-grade daughter off at school recently when she said something she has never, ever said before:   “I’m SOOOO excited for school today.”   So excited?  For school???   REALLY?  She usually tries to convince me she shouldn’t have to go, so something was definitely up.   When I asked why she […]

From Favorite Foods to Favorite Gifts in Five Easy Steps

Does the mere mention of chocolate start your mouth watering?   Do artisanal jams and jellies make your morning toast sing with delight?   The foodstuff of my affection is coconut. Whether toasted, shredded, or enrobed in chocolate, I swoon over all things coconut.  Give me a sweet treat and I will thank you.  Give me […]

A Fun and Fruity Idea to Make Your Celebration More Special

I love those moments when you can take something ordinary and turn it into something special.  I think of these gestures as “little touches”—those moments when you do something extra that makes people smile.   Sometimes I know the “little touches” I want to add;  other times, it’s only when I’m in the midst of doing […]

Transform a Gift Card into a Fun Gift: So Easy, Even a Kid Can Do It

Are your kids at an age where all they want is gift cards?  My 14-year old son and his friends certainly are! To help make the gift a little more personal and the presentation a lot more fun, find out something the recipient likes (I’ve found texting the mom is the easiest way) and incorporate […]