Thanksgiving Math: Apple Pie is the New Common Core Curriculum

Years ago, a friend’s son said that he “absolutely, positively, always and forever” hated math.  It was a struggle each and every night to get him to do his math homework and by the time he got to fractions, he was nearly in tears. A few months after our conversation, my friend went to visit […]

Birthdays Rock! Cakes, Snakes and More

Yesterday was my birthday and I’m happy to report it was a great day! I always make a list of what I appreciated about my birthday as a way to remind myself of the many things to be grateful for.   Here are this year’s reasons why I think birthdays ROCK:   1.  I woke up excited for […]

Baking Friends

Mmmmm!  Mini Boston cream pies!  I didn’t set out to make them, but I saw a recipe and it called out to me.  What else can you do when a recipe yells your name?!  🙂   This all started when a friend asked for my Carrot Cake recipe.  The past few years I’ve used one from […]