5 Ways Sharing Gift Ideas Makes YOU Happier

You know that little happy dance you do when you find that perfect gift for someone?   It’s that mix of “She is gonna LOVE it!” and “I wish her birthday would hurry up and get here!!!”   When the person finally opens the gift, it’s like a confetti blast of happiness rains down—on both […]

7 Rules Your Mom Never Taught You about Gift Giving

Is my mom helping a 16-month-old me unwrap this gift…or is she racing to finish wrapping it because company was about to arrive? If it was like every other Christmas I can remember, I can guarantee it was the latter. No matter how hard my mom tried, gift wrapping was always just-in-time. Much of what […]

Great Gift Ideas Are Meant to Be Shared

Did you come up with a 40th birthday gift he’ll never forget? Is she still talking about how much she loves her graduation gifts? Please post a comment so others know how awesome you and your idea are!      

Transform a Gift Card into a Fun Gift: So Easy, Even a Kid Can Do It

Are your kids at an age where all they want is gift cards?  My 14-year old son and his friends certainly are! To help make the gift a little more personal and the presentation a lot more fun, find out something the recipient likes (I’ve found texting the mom is the easiest way) and incorporate […]

Here’s What to Get the Person Who Has Everything

A friend said she needed to get a birthday gift for someone and didn’t have a clue where to start because the person had “everything”—fancy house; sports car; a wine collection to make a connoisseur weep. Making matters worse, my friend is someone with limited financial means and felt there was no way she could […]

A Gift Guaranteed to Move Your Loved One to Tears

I never thought Kleenex could MAKE me cry, but they did. One of my dearest friends recently moved out of the country for an extended period of time. She and her family had been planning this adventure for a while, and their romantic notion of living abroad and experiencing another culture was nearly thwarted by […]

Farewell Gifts for Jon Stewart…or YOUR Special Someone

Tonight, the man I have gone to bed with for many, many years, is leaving.   He’s not just leaving me, he’s leaving behind millions and millions of loyal viewers of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show who tuned in nightly to hear his brilliant analysis of the day’s events, delivered with equal doses of comedy, irreverence […]

Out of the Mouths of Babes: The Gift of a Shared Rainbow

Not long ago, my daughter raced in from playing outside. “Mommy, Mommy! YOU HAVE TO COME SEE THIS!!!”   (Mommy was busy making dinner and hoped that whatever was the source of her excitement would be worth it.) Sure enough, my girl was right. Not only was it an amazing rainbow that arced from one side […]

A Luscious Gift Perfect for Any Occasion: Homemade Caramel Sauce

Homemade caramel sauce, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love you because you are the perfect gift for any occasion and pretty much anyone on my list. I love you because you are decadent and luscious and a delicious splurge that is worth every single calorie. I love you because […]

A Great Gift Idea for Any Season: The French Toast Lady Shares a Family Tradition

Recently, my children nicknamed a colleague of my husband’s ‘The French Toast Lady.’ ‘The French Toast Lady’ (aka Michele Lee) was born out of one the most thoughtful gifts we’ve ever received. For Christmas, Michelle gave my husband a loaf of cinnamon bread, a bottle of maple syrup and a tin of hot chocolate. On […]