Belated Birthday Wishes: A Monogrammed Cheesecake

I can’t believe it, but it’s true!  I forgot a friend’s birthday.  It certainly wasn’t intentional, but somehow, August just arrived a lot sooner than I realized.  

To make up for my oversight, I baked an Oreo® cheesecake using The Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe. While cheesecake is actually one of my least favorite desserts, it doesn’t matter because it’s the birthday boy’s favorite. 

Since you don’t really decorate the top of a cheesecake the way you do a frosted birthday cake, I decided to do something a bit different.  I spelled out H-B-B-C on top of the cheesecake in crushed Oreos®.  I used my Williams-Sonoma alphabet cookie cutters as the guides and spooned in the cookie pieces.  Pretty easy!

chris cheesecake top view wm

Just in case it wasn’t obvious, I made a card to accompany the cheesecake and serve as an explanation.

chris hbbc card

I delivered the cheesecake one Saturday morning & it became breakfast for Chris and his family.  Belated, but just as sweet!


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